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Designs & Works Thai Architecture Auto-biography

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The Art of Design signifies the way of life and thought of people in a nation. It reflects the personality,
consciousness and culture of each nation, and creates many distinguished works of art namely, visual arts,
performing arts, literature, architecture, music and others.

.........Thai Architecture is influenced by ancient civilization, historical background, religious and believe,
renowned for its unique beautiful, delicate and defined form. It would be an irredeemable loss if our Thai
architecture would be disregarded by times and our Thai architects who preserve this Thai traditional
architecture are diminishing in numbers.

......... Professor Dr. Pinyo Suwankiri is an architect who comes to realize on this. He determines
and pledges his word to preserve and raise Thai architecture to its proper status. He has it known to world
how he has contributed to Thai architecture. He has sacrificed himself for the presentation of Thai culture
continuously since the beginning until now for more than 40 years.