Wat Thai Lumpini Maha Viharn

The Temple of Wat Thai Lumpini Maha Viharn located Lumpini, India is the Buddhas birthplace. The feature of the Temple is entirely white colour to represent the purify of Buddha and his birth. The other inspiration is Himalayas Mountain as a background, which is covered by snow in white all through the year.

Basically, the Temple is dedicated to Load Buddha and also for celebrating His Majesty the King Bhumipol Adulayadejs 72th birthday. In the multi purpose hall at the basement is designed to be a place for meditation and also accommodations for Buddhist pilgrims. On the right hand side of the Temple is a miniature of Buddhas birthplace. The architecture decoration of this Temple is different from the traditional one in order to reduce the cost of maintenance. Hence, a new method of design and new materials with new process have been applied to this project.