The Temple Wat Thai Kusinara Chaleomraj, Kusinara, India

This Temple is located in one of the most important place for Buddists, the Buddahas death place. It is built in the occasion of His Majesty the King Bhumipol Adulayadej Jubilee and also dedicated to Buddha. The architecture is adapted to suit the weather, like a long corridor from the entrance to the main hall since there is strong sun and heavy rain through the year. The navy blue roof is selected to represent the color of the King and at the pediment (the triangle at the corner under the roof) established the symbol of the King. The Temple consists of the main hall enshrined the Buddha image, the bell tower, meditation area and a library.
Since the temple is far away from Thailand, it is inconvenient to send skill labors to restore and maintain in the long run. Hence, the concept design bases on simplicity and durability and ay to all the materials are easy to find in local area.