Thai Houses at echo Valley Ranch and Spa, Canada

This is the first group of traditional Thai houses outside the Kingdom of Thailand, located in Clinton, British Columbia about 200 miles in the North of Vancouver.

These Thai houses are designed for Echo Valley Resort and Spa in unique construction of purely traditional style of Thai house but they have been adapted for modern functions. Due to a big climate difference between Thailand and Canada, all the materials applied into these houses have to be reconsider to suite a different condition, especially in the winter, where thick snow covers all the area for more than 3 months and a temperature goes down to -40 Celsius. The wood tiles are applied to replace a traditional baked clay tire roof as clay tires are too fragile for this extreme weather. The construction of Thai houses made of local wood like Cedar and Oak and constructed by local Canadian workers. An efficient heating system is necessary, including radiators underneath the roof to melt the overload snow. It is a great challenge in Thai architecture to make this project become the first group of Thai houses standing among the snow.