The Chapel of Arunyikavart Temple

In the old day, the temple was standing amid the deep forest but later on the city has been expanding until the temple turns to be in the middle of the city. Since Choburi is a seaside town and the building could be easily eroded from sandy wind and salty weather, the durability of the building has to be taken into account. The chapel construction, therefore, made of steel and concrete to replace the traditional material, wood. Moreover, the decoration for the outside architecture made of a very durable material such as a copper plate for the door and window panels. The decorative pattern of wild plants and wild flowers on the door and window panels, inspired by the decorative pattern on the door panel of Wat Sutat in Bangkok, symbolize the forest temple in the old day. The colour of the Chapel is completely white, representing purity and easy to maintain, which is different from a typical chapel that are normally decorated by small pieces of colour glass. In fact, the completely white chapel is not a new thing. It appears since Ayuttaya period and it was made of fresh laminate in that time.